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BYOD is one of New Zealand's leading providers of BYOD devices, selling devices that have been approved by your school to fit in with the curriculum that is being taught


Below is a brief description on the kind of devices that your school may have listed



Chromebooks are devices that run on googles web based operating system, these are best used whilst being connected to the internet however can be used offline for writing documents etc. 


Chromebooks are produced by a range of manufacturers. Navigating to Schools will show you the complete range of your School approved devices.

Recommended: School year 4 - 8



Tablets are touch screen device which are typically larger than smart phones. Often used for basic processes such as browsing the internet, sending emails and watching videos.


Tablets do allow you to do the same things that a computer can however for typing documents it is easier to use a keyboard. You can attach an external keyboard to tablets making this action easier.

Recommended: School year 1 - 4 



A laptop is a portable device which has the same capabilities as a desktop computer. Laptops are generally larger than a chromebook however they also generally have higher specifications allowing them to run powerful applications such as the Adobe’s creative suite or video editing software.

Recommended: School year 8 through to university